Stacking Cats Publishing Company
Cody Wheeler
Author & Illustrator
Cody holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Visual Communications degree and a Communication Arts diploma. He enjoys spending time with Josie the Cat, watching hockey, cycling and working on books. 
Josie the Cat
Scratching Machine
Josie likes to scratch everything, meow a lot and look out the windows. She is the Chief Financial Officer and a wiz at spreadsheets.
Cody Wheeler leads the way at Stacking Cats Publishing Co., with Josie the Cat by his side as the company's CFO. They bring positivity, humour, and class to each tale, with timeless stories that should never grow stale. 
Join them on their journey to inspire and uplift, with books that will give your spirits an energetic lift. So come along and enjoy the fun, with Stacking Cats Publishing, there's something for everyone!